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Western Marion Historic District: An In-depth Exploration

Located in Perry County | What you’ll find: Architectural | Historical | Trips

In 1817, when the US government officially incorporated Alabama Territory, settlers flooded into this region, drawn by its forested hills, prairie grasslands, and rich Black Belt soil. They brought with them skills, values, and cultural institutions—in …

White-Force Cottage

Located in Dallas County | What you’ll find: Architectural | Historical

This Italianate-style cottage is located beside the historic Sturdivant Hall in Selma, AL. It  was built in 1859 for Mr. and Mrs. Clement Billingslea White. Mrs. White was the former Martha Todd of Lexington, Kentucky, and a half-sister of Mary Todd Li …

Wilcox Female Institute

Located in Wilcox County | What you’ll find: Historical | Museum

  The first school in Camden was built on the site of a block of brick stores now owned by Mrs. C. B. Jones’ heirs. Afterwards this school was closed and the Wilcox Female Institute was built and chartered. Later it was used as the county high sch …

Wright Chapel AME Zion Church

Located in Lowndes County | What you’ll find: Historical

The Wright Chapel AME Zion Church is famous for holding many large meetings during the Civil Rights Movement. It can be found just off of US Highway 80, East, in Lowndesboro, AL, located next to the Viola Liuzzo Memorial statue.

Written in Stone: Introducing the search for the Ross Family Burial Grounds

Located in County | What you’ll find: Historical

On the prowl again looking for cemeteries around Old Texas, Midway and Old Salem areas has me looking into the lives of several families that arrived in our area circa 1837 or earlier. I am still searching for the name of the African American Cemetery we visited on Hwy 47 a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps have succeeded in that, however, before I commit to a name for it, will have to wait for confirmation.

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