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Native American Trail

Located in County | What you’ll find:

Baldwin One of the most brutal massacres in American history took place at Fort Mims during the Creek Indian War. The Creeks, led by Red Eagle, took the fort killing all but about 36 of some 550 in the fort. The Creeks had been armed by the British at …

The Wilcox Bicentennial Society Initial Meeting

Located in County | What you’ll find:

The Wilcox Bicentennial Society will be hosting its first meeting. This meeting will be to gather ideas from the community, raise awareness, and appoint an executive committee. The entire community is encouraged to attend!

“Gees Bend” Play

Located in County | What you’ll find:

The play “Gees Bend” was written by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder, and debuted to sold-out audiences at the Alabama Shakespeare Theatre several years ago. It has been performed by various theatre groups throughout the US. The play is based on the life of Ge …

Furman, Pine Apple, and Oak Hill Spring Pilgrimage

Located in County | What you’ll find:

As part of Alabama’s Bicentennial Celebration Year of Honoring Our People, come learn about the residents of east Wilcox County by touring their homes, churches, schools and other historic sites in the towns of Furman, Snow Hill, Pine Apple and Oak Hil …

Tombigbee Haints & Haunts

Located in County | What you’ll find:

True stories from Marengo County’s historic past come to life in this unique hayride tour! Haunted? Maybe. We’ll let you find out for yourself. Each year experience a new tour!

Historic Home Tour

Located in County | What you’ll find:

Historic  homes, churches, and other outstanding buildings are specially opened for you during this annual event.  Our tour  is always held on the first SUNDAY of December.  Each year a different set of buildings are opened for you to see—many of the …

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