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A Visit to Alabama’s Historic Black Belt

Located in County | What you’ll find:

[custom-mapping map_id=”3543″ height=”400″] Looking for a new place to explore? Visit one of the oldest and most historic parts of Alabama: the Black Belt of Southwest Alabama. There’s much to see and do–and it is close enough to make the trip with le …


Located in County | What you’ll find:

Travel the back roads of Alabama for some Southern country cooking and unusual places, places with a history of ghosts and legends, of tall tales that might have occurred as well as happenings beyond belief that are, in fact, historic fact.

Native American Trail

Located in County | What you’ll find:

Baldwin One of the most brutal massacres in American history took place at Fort Mims during the Creek Indian War. The Creeks, led by Red Eagle, took the fort killing all but about 36 of some 550 in the fort. The Creeks had been armed by the British at …

The Culinary Trail of Southwest Alabama

Located in County | What you’ll find: Dining | Trips

Please Note: Some locations listed below are only open for group tours. Call Ahead. From pork chops and fried okra to shrimp and grits, you’ll find food you’ll fall in love with! Food is creativity for rural  southerners. The raw ingredients are there …

The Federal Road

Located in County | What you’ll find:

This trail starts in Milledgeville, Ga, with an off-shoot to Mobile through Conecuh, Clarke and Washington Counties in Alabama and ends in New Orleans. The Old Federal Road was traveled by all settlers coming out of the original 13 states around 1814 ( …

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