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To Kill a Mockingbird: 50 Year Anniversary

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It was the 50th anniversary of the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It may turn out to be the fiction bestseller of all time. Almost every student in America reads it at some time. It is a multilayered work telling the story of life in a small rural town with the good, the bad and the ugly with honesty and humor. Those of us who live in the area will find ourselves, our lives and our ancestors embedded somewhere in its pages. This book has probably done more for us in the South to examine our prejudices and lay them aside in honor of the plight of the whole human race than the author ever imagined as she pinned her narrative. It is a morality play told through the fresh eyes of a child.

Visiting Black Belt Treasures…Again!

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I have been to Black Belt Treasures twice recently. This is the nonprofit artist gallery in Camden. This is one of the places to put on your must visit list when touring the Black Belt. If you have time for only a day trip, we recommend that you visit …

Winter Birding at Monroe County Lake

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Off The Porch with Judy and Don Self Beatrice, Monroe County, Alabama (Site 14 on the Piney Woods Birding Trail) Birding Monroe County Lake in the winter when there is less human activity around the lake is guaranteed to produce some interesting birds. …

Winter in Alabama’s Black Belt

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OFF THE PORCH with Judy and Don Self Winter kinda sneaks-up on you in west central Alabama. Sometime in the last couple of weeks the riot of colors that was fall has been replaced with the subtler browns and grays of winter. Even the green of the pines …

Written in Stone: Introducing the search for the Ross Family Burial Grounds

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On the prowl again looking for cemeteries around Old Texas, Midway and Old Salem areas has me looking into the lives of several families that arrived in our area circa 1837 or earlier. I am still searching for the name of the African American Cemetery we visited on Hwy 47 a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps have succeeded in that, however, before I commit to a name for it, will have to wait for confirmation.

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