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13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey Commemorative Edition

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Written in the rich tradition …

A Visit to the National Voting Rights Museum

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Selma is famous for its Selma March, commemorated every spring with a Jubilee Bridge Crossing. It also has the National Voting Rights Museum open all year around. The museum has recently moved to new headquarters from a historic building on Water Street.

Celebrating the Season’s Flowers

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I know spring is here when I see the daffodils, the bridal wreath, the flowering quince and the camellias all abloom. We’ve had such an unseasonably cold winter that our earliest spring blooms are more appreciated than usual. My wonderful camellias that usually grace the garden from November to April have just started blooming. My white camellia is at least 20 feet tall.

Fooling Folks into the Black Belt

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A group of tourists from Michigan recently visited: they traveled through Selma and walked across the famous Edmund Pettus Bridge that is the landmark of the Voting Rights Movement. From there, it was on to Gees Bend and then to Black Belt Treasures before dinner at Gaines Ridge.

Living with History

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Living in an old house is both a delight and a responsibility. Like old people, old houses require more maintenance to keep them looking good. My old house was built in 1897, The man who built it owned a sawmill. He said he never wanted his house to pop and creak. Mr. Alex Gunn was a 90 something year old neighbor of mine said that there is enough lumber in the foundation of my house to build two houses, This fact turned out to be true.

Quilting Lessons at Gees Bend

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Have you heard of the Gees Bend Quilters? Lots of people have. Many people have been to Gees Bend to see them. Even more have purchased their quilts to display as fine art. Now, for the first time, people are actually coming to Gees Bend to take quilting lessons!

To Kill a Mockingbird: 50 Year Anniversary

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It was the 50th anniversary of the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It may turn out to be the fiction bestseller of all time. Almost every student in America reads it at some time. It is a multilayered work telling the story of life in a small rural town with the good, the bad and the ugly with honesty and humor. Those of us who live in the area will find ourselves, our lives and our ancestors embedded somewhere in its pages. This book has probably done more for us in the South to examine our prejudices and lay them aside in honor of the plight of the whole human race than the author ever imagined as she pinned her narrative. It is a morality play told through the fresh eyes of a child.

Visiting Black Belt Treasures…Again!

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I have been to Black Belt Trea …

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