The Old Paul, Alabama Post Office

Located in Conecuh County | What you’ll find: Historical


The community of Paul, AL in southeast Conecuh County was settled in the 1870’s by immigrants from South Carolina. The U.S. Paul Post Office was founded in 1907 and opened in 1908. A petition was submitted to the U.S. Postal Service requesting a Post Office with a Biblical name. The request was approved and the Post Office was called Paul. David Robinson was appointed the first postmaster of Paul on March 5, 1908. His Son, Erastus (Raz) O. Robinson, became the next postmaster in 1920. Raz’s wife, Linnie Jane Robinson managed the Post Office until 1970 when her niece, Lucy N. Pate assumed the position until it was closed in 1987. The building served as the Paul Post Office from 1908-1975.

The Post Office was the center of town activities. Community leaders and others would be there daily, sharing news and swapping stories. This little Post Office served as a gateway to the world for many local residents during that time.

The old Robinson home is adjacent to the Post Office. These properties, once owned by Erastus O. and Linnie Jane Robinson, A. R. and Lucy N. Pate, Joseph E. and Julie P. Moore, were added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage on June 21, 2013. Today, this property is owned by Joseph Tod Moore, the great-great nephew of Erastus O. and Linnie Jane Robinson.

The community of Paul, AL is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Evergreen in Conecuh County. The Paul, Alabama Post Office is located beside Paul Road approximately 100-150 yards east of the intersection of Co Hwy 6 and Paul Road (GPS coordinates N31.320611,W86.742444).

Information provided by:  Joseph Tod Moore via Rural Southwest Alabama. Photo courtesy of Rural Southwest Alabama

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