The Old Grant Country Store

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The Grant Store was built in 1924 by T. L. S. Grant. It was a general store that contained anything that country folks living in the early and mid 1900’s might need – food staples, cooking utensils, clothing, remedies for all types of ailments, farming tools, feed and seed, nails, etc. At one time, there was a post office in the front of the store and a doctor’s office in the back with a small room between the doctor’s office and the main store where the doctor dispensed medicines. The Grant Store was operated by T. L. S Grant and then his son, William H. Grant. The store is now owned by Danny and Betty Curtis. Danny started working for Mr. William Grant as a young lad and continued through high school.

photos courtesy of Rural Southwest Alabama

Danny and Betty Curtis have been collecting antiques for many years. Today, the Grant Store contains many of the items that were in the store when it closed as well as antiques that the Curtis’ have collected. Visiting the old Grant store is like going back in time. You will find just about anything that was available in old southern country stores. Also, located beside the store are several pieces of old farm equipment and pieces from a large petrified tree that was dug up near Ward.

If you are interested in visiting this store, contact Danny or Betty Curtis at 205-392-5459 to schedule a time. The store is located beside Sumter County Road 10 in Ward, AL in the southwest corner of Sumter County. GPS coordinates of the store are N32°21’42.4”W088°16’40.3″.

Source: Details provided by Danny Curtis (Owner of the Grant Store)

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