Tatum Creek Hunting Camp

Located in Dallas County | What you’ll find: Outdoor Recreation

Tatum Creek Hunting Camp manages and operates on over 7,000 acres and all just a few minutes from the lodge in Dallas county. We are unique in the fact that we manage deer year round with a high protein supplemental feeding program to ensure quality bucks each and every season here in Alabama.  All Alabama Deer Hunts with Tatum Creek are under the direction of a qualified wildlife biologist and have been on trophy management for over twenty years. We harvest only mature bucks that are at least 4-1/2 years of age, and take a limited number of deer hunters each season. This keeps our success rate very high. We hunt no more than six to nine people at a time and pride ourselves on personal attention.Tatum Creek Hunting Camp operates on the finest Hunting Ground in the best location of the Blackbelt. We spare no expense in producing the largest whitetails Alabama has to offer. Email matt@tatumcreek.com with questions.

1209 County Road 189, Marion Junction, AL 36759
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