Robert’s Cabin

Located in Wilcox County | What you’ll find: Trips

In the early 1860s, Thomas Henry Roberts built this log cabin at Mount Hope in east Wilcox County using yellow pine logs from his property. The logs are hand-hewn, dovetailed and double mortised, and the corners reinforced with wooden pegs. The front porch completed the construction of the cabin. The log cabin served as a place for the Roberts children to play and for community get-togethers. In 2007, the Roberts family donated the cabin to the town of Pine Apple. It was relocated to the Pine Apple Town Park and then restored. The chimney on the cabin contains the rocks from the original chimney. Restoration of the cabin was a community effort. Funding for this project was provided by the Roberts family, the Town of Pine Apple, the Wilcox Historical Society, Pine Apple Promotions, and several private contributors. The restored cabin was dedicated on May 24, 2008.

Downtown Pine Apple, AL 36768

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