Moore Academy at Pine Apple

Located in Wilcox County | What you’ll find: Historical

Moore Academy was founded in 1882 by John “Trotwood” Moore, who was an author, archaeologist, and poet.  The initial school was a two-story wood frame building.  The present brick structure was completed in 1923.  Its style is eclectic and typical of early 20th-Century educational facilities with a t-shaped plan, central arched entrance, bracketed eaves, and decorative brickwork at each end of the facade.  Moore Academy was widely acclaimed as one of the preeminent educational facilities in Alabama until its closing in 1989.  The buildings and grounds were donated to the Moore Academy Alumni Association, Inc. in 1994 and restoration began in 1995. This school is one of the 73 properties included in the Pine Apple Historic District that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Highway 10, Pine Apple, AL 36768

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