Marion Military Institute

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Marion Military Institute, as a school and college for young men, traces its origin back to 1842. During the Civil War, the Chapel and Lovelace Hall were used as Breckenridge Military Hospital, treating Confederate and Union soldiers. These facilities still serve the college well.

MMI operated as Howard College until 1887. Their intention was to operate a military school for young men. In 1887, they established Marion Military Institute. A charter was granted in 1889 by the state of Alabama allowing MMI to be exempt from taxation with authority to receive donations, to give diplomas, and to confer degrees.

The school was a non-profit institution, controlled neither by church nor state. Instead, a self-perpetuating board of trustees governed its affairs.

Built in the early 1800’s, Marion Military Institute was used for other purposes besides schooling. During the civil war, battle victims were taken to the Chapel on campus, which was turned into a hospice. The ones that didn’t survive were buried behind the chapel.

Established on Jan. 23, 1975 by Governor George C. Wallace’s executive order number 59, the Alabama Military Hall of Honor was created as a means to honor Alabama’s military heroes and to provide a permanent and visible tribute to them.

The order specified that the location was to be at Marion Military Institute (MMI) in Marion, Alabama. A “Friends” organization has been established whose purpose is to assist the Alabama Military Hall of Honor in fundraising and other efforts to recognize and honor outstanding Alabamians who have distinguished themselves in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Marion Military Institute – Hwy 5, No cost, M-F 8-5 pm (334)-683-2349

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