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Ghost Stories in Dallas, Perry and Wilcox Counties:

Enjoy a selection of video interviews on our ghost stories! Ghost Story Videos

Old Cahawba – there are two sites on the videos that depict stories at Cahawba. To see the sites you will need to check in at the Visitors’ Center. There are actually 4 sites around the park that are part of the annual October Haunted History Tours. For more information about this event visit the Dallas County Chamber of Commerce website. or visit the Old Cahawba website. Information Center: N32°19’10.3”W087°06’16.1”

Tally Ho – This is a restaurant open to the public in Selma during the evening hours Wednesday through Sunday. The origin of the restaurant was as a hunting lodge and, some say a speakeasy during the days of prohibition. The Ghost who haunts the place is named Betty. She was reputed to be a party girl who frequented there during the early days. Others say that she worked there. Betty wore lilac perfume and it can still occasionally be smelled. She turns off the light and causes the chandelier in the main dining room to sway in front of guests. N32°26’23.7”W087°01’53.1”

Old Depot Museum – This was the Train Depot in Selma and prior to that was a munitions depot during the civil war. There are many early artifacts housed in this museum. The ghost who lives here will cause the elevator in the building to go up and down by itself and opens the door. Paranormal investigators <Ghost Hunters> have been here. This museum is open to the public daily. Admission charged. N32°24’31.5”W087°00’50.6”

Vaughn Smitherman Museum – This museum was first a girls’ school, then a military school, then served as a hospital during the Civil War. It became a hospital after the war up until the late 20th century. It has ghosts that have been investigated by Ghost Hunters. This museum is open to the public daily. Admission charged. N32°24’19.2”W087°01’32.4”

Sturdivant Hall –This is Selma’s official antebellum mansion and house museum. The Ghost who haunts the house is said to be that of the original owner. This story is told in Kathryn Tucker Windham’s 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Books) book. This museum is open Tues. – Sat. or by appointment. Admission charged. N32°24’47.2”W087°01’43.0”

Kathryn Tucker Windham House – This is the private residence of Alabama’s
Storyteller. This is a 1950s house that has its own ghost named Jeffrey. He
is the Jeffrey in 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Books). Copies of the book are available throughout the Black Belt at gift shops and galleries.

St James Hotel – The ghost of Jessie James is said to inhabit a 3rd floor room here. He has been spotted on a regular basis. The theory as to why his ghost is here and not in the place where he died is that he was incarcerated here and had such a good time that he chose to remain. The ladies of the town fought over the opportunity to bring him food because he was so charming and appreciative. This room is available to stay in by request. N32°24’25.0”W087°01’04.7”

The Castle – This is a private residence. For details on the story and other ghostly landmarks, visit the Chamber of Commerce and ask for a Haunted History brochure. Ask about the Annual Haunted History Tours.. N32°24’49.7”W087°01’29.6”

Brownstone Manor – This is a private residence which is said to be haunted by the original owner’s wife. Her presence has been independently verified by a number of psychics who were not connected with each other. They independently arrived at the same information. The house has been featured on Ghost Hunters and on HGTV.N32°24’29.3”W087°01’42.6”

Baker House – This is a private residence that is a Bed and Breakfast where you can stay and do your own investigating. There was a Union Soldier who died in the house during the Civil War. For more details visit the Dallas County Chamber of Commerce..


Carlyle Hall: This story is featured in Kathryn Tucker Windham’s book 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey,It is  the story of  the ghost of the woman whose husbamd went off to war with the understanding that if something happened to him, a rider would come on a black horse to bring her the news and if he was okay, the rider would come on a white horse. There was a mix up and a rider came on a black horse. The wife committed suicide by jumping from the tower at the top of the house. This is a private residence. More information can be obtained from the Perry County Chamber of Commerce in the Old Depot in Marion.

Holmestead Farm: This is the oldest working farm in the State of Alabama. There are many interesting things to see here. The home where the ghost lives is a private residence that visitors can drive by. The Farm itself is open for tours by appointment. Admission charged.  Visit the Holmestead Farms website for more information or the Perry County Chamber of Commerce. N32°40’25.4”W087°23’47.7”

Westwood Plantation: This private residence in Uniontown has a resident ghost. It is not open to the public, however there is a circular drive that visitors can ride through It also has some of the original slave cabins behind the housed still intact. They can be seen from the driveway. The cabins are mentioned in the state’s Black History brochure. N32°27’34.4”W087°30’52.3”


Snow Hill Institute: This late 19th and early 20th century black school was affliated with Tuskegee Institute. It has a rich black history story that is told in Donald Stone’s biography of his grandfather, Fallen Prince. The book is available at Black Belt Treasures in Camden. By appointment, you can visit with Donald Stone himself. He has a personal ghost story about the Rhumpf Slave cemetery which is adjacent to the Snow Hill property. Ghosts have been seen there by a number of family members. There are a number of fascinating stories associated with the area.

Gaines Ridge Dinner Club: There are a two ghost stories associated with this house. There is also a “ghost truth” told by Mrs. Betty Kennedy, the owner. This restaurant is open to the public Wed-Sat nights and by appointment for tour groups. Dinner is served in dining rooms with antiques on display. N31°59’24.1”W087°15’29.3”

Site of the Castro Story: This is located in downtown Camden. It centers around a pecan tree next to a barber shop. The ghost may still be cited there on occasion. More information can be obtained by visiting the Progressive Era newspaper office or Black Belt Treasures which is just up the street.

The Unfilled Hole: This site is directly in front of the Camden Public Library in the Old Courthouse. It is reputed to be the site of public hangings. You can sit under the pecan tree at the left front of the building and sometimes feel the cold spots. You can see the hole wihc the county has had to fill so many times that they now have placed metal warning post next to it.

The Light in the Water at the Gees Bend Ferry: Signs clearly mark the way to the ferry on the Camden side where the lights can be seen at night. The ferry only runs in the daylight hours, but visitors can come to the site to see if the light is showing at night. N32°03’20.7”W087°18’13.0

The Millie Hole: This is located on Pine Barren Creek. This is an area of dense vegetation and is not recommended for visiting, only driving by. A slave named Millie was going to be sold away from her family. Rather than let this happen, she drowned herself in Pine Barren Creek. On moonlight nights, a white spector is said to rise up out of the creek and moan. She has been seen by local residents.

The Slave in Chains: At the intersection of Co roads 59 and 24, the sounds of the rattling of chains can clearly be heard at night. Many local residents have heard them. Visitors should pull to the side of the road and not stop in the road if they wish to listen. N31°55’22.0”W087°00’19.7”

The Ghost in the Burford House: This is a private residence. Members of the family are well acquainted with the ghost. There is a  circular driveway where visitors can drive through without disturbing the family’s privacy.

The Purefoy House: This story is told in Kathryn Tucker Windham’s 13 Alabama Ghosts. It involves a well where a slave was buried alive. It is located in Furman. It is a private residence for driving tour only. N32°00’17.5”W086°58’17.2”

Other Ghost Sites

Bellville – Bush Upton’s House

Used to be a Civil War Hospital. Reports of Ghosts of soldiers throwing things at windows and breaking them.

Marion – Judson College

Feelings of being touched, and rumors of even leaving marks on the victims.

Marion – Judson College – Building J

A female apparition seen along with movement from the windows occupancies by scattering feet and whispering voices. The bell tower is locked.

Marion – Judson College – Carlisle Hall

Believed to be haunted by an unknown female spirit.

Marion – Judson College – Kirtley Hall – Room 313

Haunted by two different ghosts. One is Anne Kirtley herself and the other is of a girl who supposedly killed herself in that room. The doors and windows shake there are cold spots and more often than not the entire room is a “cold spot”.

Marion – Marion Military Institute

Built in the early 1800’s, Marion Military Institute was used for other purposes besides schooling. During the civil war, battle victims were taken to the Chapel on campus, which was turned into a hospice. Directly behind the chapel the ones that didn’t survive were buried there. Since then cadets have had experiences with objects in their room being moved, unusual noises in the hallways and rooms, also experiences with paranormal activity. Some believe that the spirits that live on campus, due to their extreme mood changes, possesses some cadets. There have been no cases of violent ghosts or apparitions, but there have been several reports made about cadets having been alone and having a sudden rush of someone being there when there is not.

Carlton – Mount Nebo & The Boardwalk

This is an old cemetery and right up the road is the boardwalk. In the cemetery there are headstones with faces on them and the faces will change to a smile or mad face and they move. If you go to the cemetery if the light on back of the old church isn’t on then you won’t see anything. On down the road a little ways is the boardwalk (6″ wide boards on stilts that stretch a mile over swamp about 30ft high) when you walk through the across you get the feeling someone is around you it makes your hair stand up. You’ll hear this sound of a kid screaming they say a kid got lost in the swamp during civil war times and died there.
GPS Coordinates: N31°20’45.5”W087°52’01.1”

Demopolis – Gainswood Plantation

According to folklore, the ghost of Evelyn Carter haunts Gaineswood.  Come visit and find out what really happened…. Ms. Carter was the sister of a housekeeper in the late 1800’s. – The smell of Colonel Gaines’ pipe is hinted near his study and the rush of skirts is heard going down the main stairs from the birthing room. GPS: N32°30’31.0”W087°50’06.2”

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