Ezell’s Fish Camp

Located in Choctaw County | What you’ll find: Dining | Historical

Established in 1937, Ezell’s Fish Camp is known to attract locals, famous, and the not so famous. Quoted by some as a “cultural institution”, Ezell’s represents a way of life connected to communities and river heritage. Believed to have built by French traders, and used as a trading post, the remains were purchased by Charles Agnew Ezell and now stand as a dog trot cabin, with in and out door dining. Be sure to try the deep fried pickles.

For many of its customers, Ezell’s Fish Camp is much more than a restaurant. It is a cultural institution, representing a way of life very much connected to the community’s river heritage and to family tradition. This well known landmark, on the Tombigbee River, is believed to have been built by a French trader, and the building served as a trading post in the mid-1800s. It was later acquired by Charles Agnew (C. A.) Ezell and remains in the Ezell family today. Originally a classic dogtrot cabin, with two rooms joined by a central breezeway, additional rooms have been added, providing space for the restaurant that is known far and wide for its catfish. Before Crumpton Bridge was constructed, this was also the location of Lott’s Ferry, and you’ll still find an active boat ramp below the restaurant.

776 Ezell Rd, Butler, AL 36904
(205) 654-2205

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