Davis Ferry

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Davis Ferry  is located on the Alabama River at the Haines Island Park in Monroe County.  The old ferry boat that is used at Davis Ferry has been around for a long time.  It was moved from upriver at Holley Ferry in the early 1970’s when the Highway 10 bridge was completed and opened for operation.  Years ago, there were several ferries like this one that operated along the Alabama River and Tombigbee River.  Today, this old ferry boat may be the only old ferry that remains in service.  It has changed little over the years and is still in good condition, especially considering its age.  This ferry is powered across the river by an old 6-cyclinder Chevrolet engine that turns a paddle wheel.  The ferry is guided across the river by steel cables that slide along a large steel cable that is suspended high above the river.

Operators of this old ferry boat are J. C. Stabler, 16 years experience, and Bobby Tulver, 22 years experience.  The Davis Ferry runs only on weekdays from 6:30 am until noon and from 1:00 until 4:00 pm.  It is free.  The ferry averages transporting 20-25 vehicles per day and nearly all of these are owned by local residents.  The ferry docks on the east side of the river at Haines Island.  If you arrive at the Packer’s Bend west side landing, just blow your car horn or blink your headlights to let the ferry boat operators know that you need a ride.

The GPS coordinates of the two landings for the Davis Ferry are:  Haines Island east bank (N31.726109,W87.469223);  Packard’s Bend west bank (N31.728389,W87.469778).

Source:  Information about the ferry was provided by J. C. Stabler, Davis Ferry Operator. Photos courtesy of Rural Southwest Alabama

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