Kristin Law

Touring, traveling, and experiencing the culture and communities around Alabama (especially the Black Belt region) is my life – personally and professionally. I live to capture the stories, personalities, cultural history, artwork, and events in my hometown and neighboring counties through photographs, videos, and sometimes through my art. I especially love to share these images and visual stories with both people who live here and those who have never visited or may plan to visit our beautiful region. People often tell me “I love seeing your photographs because you see things that i just drive past and never see”. Helping others see what is already around them, or the opportunities for travel, recreation, or adventure is just something i have always done, and will always find a way to do. As a Southwest Alabama Ambassador, I will cherish being able to share the amazing outdoors, people, wildlife, culture, and stories of our region with others – and bring a positive image of Alabama to those who are visiting or planning to visit. I am usually “behind the camera” – but am starting to interview artists, guides, and people of interest around the region and have become more comfortable being “on film” and doing interviews.

Other social media accounts include TikTok and a Facebook page dedicated to Possum Pottery.

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