Jessica Hammonds

“No matter where I’ve lived or traveled, I’m always sharing what Alabama has to offer and the beauty of the state. Being from Selma originally, a part of Alabama’s Blackbelt, I know that whether it’s the rural roads and farms, the markets and festivals, or the art, food and music scenes, we have a little bit of everything. There is still much more to discover and I can’t wait to share my SW Alabama adventures with you.”

Jessica is the President of River Oak Strategies, a firm dedicated to education advocacy, non-profit  development, campaign management, and public relations. Before moving back to Alabama, she previously served as the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s National Director of Advocacy and supported the team in their work with state leaders and policymakers to transform education and to ensure students are prepared for real life. After graduating from Auburn University, she worked at USDA and the White House while serving under President George Bush in several roles.

After working at a public relations firm in Washington, DC, she moved to Florida and worked to elect Governor Rick Scott to office and became the spokeswoman of the Florida Department of Health and Governor’s Office. Following years in Florida, she wanted to serve her state and became the Executive Director of Alabama GRIT, advocating for Alabama parents, educators and students. She serves on the Montgomery Auburn University Board and is involved in various non-profits and organizations. She enjoys SEC football and spending her extra time with family and friends.

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