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A Visit to Alabama’s Historic Black Belt

Looking for a new place to explore? Visit one of the oldest and most historic parts of Alabama: the Black Belt of Southwest Alabama. There’s much to see and do–and it is close enough to make the trip with less than a tank of gas. Here’s a simple, one, two or three night getaway into […]

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Chilatchee Creek Campground

Birding Wilcox County

Wilcox County, Alabama, is likely best known for its numerous outdoor opportunities. The rural landscape boasts an impressive selection birds. The county has more miles of riverfront than any other county in south Alabama. It includes four sites along the Black Belt Birding Trail: Chilatchee Creek Park, Gees Bend and the Gees Bend Ferry, Roland […]

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Visiting Black Belt Treasures…Again!

I have been to Black Belt Treasures twice recently. This is the nonprofit artist gallery in Camden. This is one of the places to put on your must visit list when touring the Black Belt. If you have time for only a day trip, we recommend that you visit Gees Bend to meet the world […]

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Quilting Lessons at Gees Bend

Have you heard of the Gees Bend Quilters? Lots of people have. Many people have been to Gees Bend to see them. Even more have purchased their quilts to display as fine art. Now, for the first time, people are actually coming to Gees Bend to take quilting lessons!

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Ghost Trail

The Ghosts of the Black Belt: visit any town in Alabama and you will most likely hear a local ghost story. You will hear stories of civil war soldiers, haunted riverboats, spectral visitors at university campuses and many tales of apparitions that either met an early or unwarranted death. Learn more about our ghost stories […]

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