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Attractions in Perry County

Holmestead Farms


Seven miles west of Marion, you may visit the site of one of Alabama’s last active plantations, one which has been in the same family since the early 1800s. William “the wagon maker” Moore came from South Carolina to Alabama in 1819 shortly before Alabama gained statehood. The farm has grown from the original 80 […]

Perry Lakes Park


The Perry Lakes Park and Wildlife Sanctuary along with Barton Beach Preserve contains about 800 acres available to the public for outdoor recreation, education, scientific research, and other activities. Interpretive nature trails (fire lanes and primitive paths) make walking through the woods fairly easy and fun. There are four oxbow lakes making up a wild […]

Historic Downtown Marion

Judson College

The five historic districts of Marion offer a connection to rich heritage including civil war and civil rights and many Alabama Baptist beginnings. Five historic bed and breakfasts provide lodging. Leisure activities available are arts and antique shopping and museum visits.

Coretta Scott King Memorial

Coretta Scott was born in Heiberger, Alabama and raised on the farm of her parents Bernice McMurry Scott, and Obadiah Scott, in Perry County, Alabama. She was exposed at an early age to the injustices of life in a segregated society. She walked five miles a day to attend the one-room Crossroad School in Marion, […]

Marion Military Institute


Marion Military Institute, as a school and college for young men, traces its origin back to 1842. During the Civil War, the Chapel and Lovelace Hall were used as Breckenridge Military Hospital, treating Confederate and Union soldiers. These facilities still serve the college well. MMI operated as Howard College until 1887. Their intention was to […]