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A Visit to Alabama’s Historic Black Belt

Looking for a new place to explore? Visit one of the oldest and most historic parts of Alabama: the Black Belt of Southwest Alabama. There’s much to see and do–and it is close enough to make the trip with less than a tank of gas. Here’s a simple, one, two or three night getaway into […]

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Birding Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, Dallas County, Alabama

Old Cahawba Archaeological Park near Orville was chosen as the site for the Black Belt Birding Trail Advisory Group’s May meeting and, as a bonus, we conducted a 2-hour bird walk prior to the meeting. Although the Clear Creek Nature Trail is located just west of the Visitor’s Center, we chose to bird the Capitol […]

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Ghost Trail

The Ghosts of the Black Belt: visit any town in Alabama and you will most likely hear a local ghost story. You will hear stories of civil war soldiers, haunted riverboats, spectral visitors at university campuses and many tales of apparitions that either met an early or unwarranted death. Learn more about our ghost stories […]

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A Visit to the National Voting Rights Museum

Selma is famous for its Selma March, commemorated every spring with a Jubilee Bridge Crossing. It also has the National Voting Rights Museum open all year around. The museum has recently moved to new headquarters from a historic building on Water Street.

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View from the spillway

Paul M. Grist State Park

This Alabama State Park is located in Dallas County, approximately 15 miles north of Selma, AL. It is a tranquil 1,080-acre park that includes a beautiful 100-acre lake that is surrounded by hardwood and southern pine woodlands. The park has modern campsites located on the edge of the lake. There are also primitive campsites for […]

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