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Western Marion Historic District: An In-depth Exploration


In 1817, when the US government officially incorporated Alabama Territory, settlers flooded into this region, drawn by its forested hills, prairie grasslands, and rich Black Belt soil. They brought with them skills, values, and cultural institutions—including slavery—that shaped community life here. You’ll find a helpful brochure with a map of Marion and great information here: […]

Perry County: From the Classroom to the Farm

photo courtesy of Rural Southwest Alabama

Tour Judson College – a historic women’s college: Notable buildings on campus include A. Howard Bean Hall, a Carnegie library which now houses the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame as well as classrooms. Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame, which occupies the main floor, was established to provide a permanent place of honor for Alabama’s most […]

Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame

photo courtesy of Rural Southwest Alabama

The Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame honors the achievements of outstanding women from Alabama. Established in 1970, the first women were inducted the following year. The AWHOF became a state agency by an act of the Alabama legislature in 1975. The museum is located in the beautifully restored A. Howard Bean Hall on the campus […]

Old Marion Railway Depot


Built in 1907 to replace the frame depot building, which was destroyed by fire. Interest in railroads began as early as 1834 in Marion. The building is now the home of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce. Use this building as a convenient starting point for visiting Perry County, Alabama. Stop in and talk with […]

Lincoln Normal School


The Lincoln Normal School was a historic African American school in Marion, Alabama. Lincoln Normal was founded in 1867 by freed slaves as a school for African-American children. In 1870, the school expanded to include teacher training and for a time became known as the Lincoln Normal University for Teachers. The program primarily focused on […]

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